IL2 PlusIL2 Plus

IL2 Plus


The future is assured through MODULARITY 

The new IL2 PLUS LED light line system is in a class of its own. Its modular design means that it can be adapted to many applications, it is simple to install and easy to maintain. 
Flexible adaptation to continual innovative developments on the basis of the modular system is guaranteed through long-term availability of spare parts and the ability to exchange modules at any time.

More Efficient

Illuminating increase in EFFICIENCY 
IL2 PLUS achieves new dimensions in the relation between expenditure and performance. The light line system is a step ahead of conventional luminaires in terms of energy savings and TCO (total Cost of Ownership). This has been achieved through many years of experience in the automotive sector, which guarantees optimal thermical management, long-lasting electronics and perfect light direction.

More Powerful

Clear gain in PERFORMANCE 
IL2 PLUS achieves outstanding values in all relevant performance categories. 
With a system performance of 34 W, for instance, a light yield of 3,300 lm is attained. Even after 50,000 operating hours, a rate of 70 % residual light flux is still achieved. HELLA patented optics enhance the performance. The light emitted is precisely directed, thus reducing inevitable loss of light to a minimum. For this reason, it is possible to save on lighting points when compared to conventional lighting systems.

More Economical

Peak values in terms of ECONOMY 
The system benefits also pay off when profitability and amortisation are put to the test. The IL2 PLUS LED light line system is especially profitable because of its low energy consumption, long lifetime, intelligent light direction and time and cost-saving installation. Preassembled support rails, as well as assembly without tools and the variable mounting of the modules all contribute to this. Another system with savings built in: no specialists required for maintenance or for the exchange of modules.


Briefly: IL2 PLUS is the ideal lighting solution for high-bay warehouses, logistics halls, production halls, department stores and supermarkets.