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Industry Lighting

Industry Lighting for filling stations and parking garages

For filling stations and parking garages, HELLA has adapted its know-how in the area of automotive lighting LED technology to the changing environment. In the same way as they have been used in the Eco StreetLine street lighting range by HELLA, with the aid of new housings LED modules can be used in parking garages and at filling stations in order to improve lighting and provide an increased sensation of safety. The key to optimum lighting is the light distribution that HELLA consistently adapts to the application area, and which employs the light as efficiently as possible, therefore minimizing shadows and light / dark contrasts. The modular design allows the decoupling of the light module from the housing. Thanks to the integrated electronic ballast (230 V) and a single connector, the module can be replaced using the Plug & Play system at any time. 

The housings for mounting in the ceiling are available for different application areas: as a single-module lamp with 1,250 lm and a power consumption of 17 Watts, as a double-module lamp with 2,500 lm and 34 Watts, as well as for the entrance and exit areas with 5,000 lm and a power consumption of 68 Watts.